High-end Case

Premium Power Supply

Quality Components

Drive Redundancy



Data Security

Pre-configured Back-up

Highest Level Anti-virus Protection

Disaster Recovery


Custom Configurations Available

Upgradeable to Microsoft

Small Business Server

A “safety net” system for running personal and home-office computers


Not a desktop "on it's side", not a traditional server, the BreviServer is designed to give home business and small business users the advantages of a Server with the ease-of-use and pricing of a workstation.


This powerful, redundant system begins with preconfigured backup and recovery procedures, preinstalled one-year antivirus systems, preconfigured firewalls, and up-to-date-patch levels for installed software.  We populate the BreviServer with reliable components beginning with the hard drive, the most vulnerable part. 


The entry-level system, BreviServer Pro, includes two mirrored SATA hard drives. Mirrored drives offer fault tolerant data redundancy to continually protect valuable data. If a drive that is part of a mirrored array fails, the mirrored drive (which contains identical data) assumes all data handling. 


The BreviServer Elite features a robust level 5 SATA-RAID controller board with 4 SATA hard drives.  It has externally accessible hot-swappable drives for easy access. This enables changing a hard disk in a system without having to turn off the power and open up the system case.


A failed drive can be removed and replaced with a new one and the system rebuilds the replaced drive immediately. Because unreliable power is the silent disease of a computer, we use one of the highest rated power supplies available. 


The case has state of the art cooling and solid construction. The components we use are selected for quality and reliability, not for price. 


The BreviServer Pro runs on Windows XP Pro/Vista Business, BreviServer Elite ships with Windows XP Pro/ Vista Business, and is upgradeable to Windows Small Business Server.  The BreviServer is designed to be the ONLY computer that a home based small business has, it is also scalable to the needs of larger companies and corporate divisions.

In this world, nothing is certain but death, taxes and a computer crash!