Every time you get your bill after a fabulous (or even the not so fabulous) dining experience, there’s a print out of everything you ate and drank.  You might not know who had the six martinis, but be assured that “someone” at your table drank them all down.

You can count on the accuracy of your bill, because the server used restaurant software to keep track of it all.


There are a number of different systems available, but we recommend

Aldelo for Restaurants Software as an easy to use, affordable choice


Restaurant software works with the waiter or waitress to guarantee the right items are billed to the right customers.  He or she takes the order at the table and then enters the information into a computer station nearby. The orders then show up on the kitchen or bar staff’s own screen in a choice of languages.  These items are then cooked up or mixed, and the server brings them to the customer. All the items are kept as a running total. The bill is printed up at the end of the dining or drinking experience, allowing the customer to pay. 

 The software not only keeps track of this total for the customer, but also for the employee and business as well. It can print out an individual’s total of sales at the end of a shift, or calculate an overall total for an entire day’s sales.


 Chain and larger restaurants are not the only ones who can benefit from such a system.  The accuracy and efficiency of restaurant software makes it a time saver and money maker for even the smallest eating or drinking establishment.


Want to improve your restaurant’s profitability?


Now you can with a custom designed restaurant system from AM Computers featuring Aldelo Restaurant POS and Store Management Solutions.

We include a free on-site* evaluation of your restaurant POS needs. 

We then provide a solution including:

POS Hardware and software installation, Charge card processing  and integration, wiring installation, menu programming, on-site set-up and hands-on training.


 Our expertise can help you improve your restaurant

operations and increase your profitability.


AM Computers offers a turn-key, professional installation


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