Nothing could be more boring and less related to most businesses than computer security!  But computer security is essential in preventing information from falling into the wrong hands or being inadvertently altered or destroyed.


USB flash drives (UFD’s) are small devices that store large amounts of data. They represent one of the fastest growing computer peripheral segments in the workplace.  Although they may be ideal for personal use they present a new set of challenges and security threats when used in a business or enterprise setting. 


AM Computers has partnered with Lexar Media as an authorized channel partner for the new Lexar Enterprise SAFE PSD S1100.  The S1100 is a secure UFB designed from the ground up with input from corporations and government agencies. It is designed with embedded device access control and hardware encryption based on industry standards. The S1100 provides advanced, multi-layer security and works seamlessly with third-party, device-access control software. It revolutionizes how organizations enable device-access control, enforce device-access control policies, and protect from loss or theft . The SAFE PSD S1100  aids with regulatory compliance issues regarding HIPAA, SOX,GLBA., etc. The S1100 is sold through authorized partners only and is not available to retail consumers.


Some of the key features include:


· 100% private-no unencrypted space on the drive


· Encryption is forced and seamless to the user


· Encrypted passphrase information in flash


· On-the-fly 256 bit AES encryption/decryption (hardware based)


· The housing is tamper evident– brute force hacking nearly impossible


· Capacities—1GB, 2GB


· S1100 can work alone or with 3rd party i/o device control software


· Audit trail for compliance issues


1GB SAFE PSD S1100  $  65.00
2GB SAFE PSD S1100  $118.00



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